Elite 9000

Elite 9000 Self Cleaning Litter Box
Product No. LME9000


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Looking for an automatic litter box that does a little more than just rake? The LitterMaid Elite series adds a new range of features and a modern, sleek design to take automatic litter cleaning to a new level. You get an option to program the box to sleep during quiet hours, an ionic air cleaner for added freshness and more options for accessories to give you the most control over your litter box area.

  • Litter Box
    • The perfect size litter box for multiple cats or larger cats over 15 lbs.
  • Programmable Digital Timer
    • Keeps the rake at rest for up to 9 hours. When the time is up, unit is automatically activated for a clean, fresh start
  • Ionic Air Cleaner
    • Motion-sensor activated cleaner provides an instant burst of freshness as soon as your cat leaves the litter box.
  • Removable Automatic Rake
    • Removes for easy cleaning with stainless steel teeth that offer extra durability.
  • Paw Cleaning Ramp
    • Offers easy access to the litter box with durable carpet that helps remove litter particles from your cat’s paws.
  • Motion Sensors
    • Instantly activate the ionic air cleaner, then cleaning cycle 10 minutes after your cat exits the box.
  • Safety Bar
    • Stops the rake if your cat re-enters the litter box for added peace of mind.
  • Dual Power Option
    • Allows you to runs through an outlet or on 8 AA batteries – for a clean environment, even in a power outage!
  • Waste Receptacles
    • Heavy-gauge plastic receptacles lock in odors & seal tight for disposal.
  • Carbon Filters
    • Fit into the waste receptacle lid to help absorb odors & reduce smell.
  • Scoop & Rake Cleaner
    • Works three ways to help measure litter levels, remove small particles & help keep the rake clean.