Classic Automatic Single Cat Litter Box

Litter box automatically scoops itself with every use.

  • For Single Cat Under 15 lb
  • Automatic Scooping - Rake Removes Waste For A Clean, Fresh Start
  • Odor Control - Odors Are Trapped & Sealed In the Waste Receptacle
  • Low Maintenance - No Daily Scooping Required, 7 - Day Maintenance-Free Clean
  • Easy Set-Up - Hassle-Free Assembly
  • 8 Receptacles
  • 8 Carbon Filters
  • Scoop & Rake Cleaner

24.75" L x 17.5" W x 9.75" H

The sensor must be blocked for at least 10 seconds while your cat uses the litter box. As your cat exits the box, the sensor becomes unblocked and initiates the Cleaning cycle.

Once initiated the Cleaning cycle will officially begin after 10 minutes to ensure your cat is no longer in the box.

Note: If you cat re-enters the box during the wait time, the sensor will trigger again and the 10 minutes will start over.

During the Cleaning cycle, the automatic rake will move forward and back to scoop waste clumps into the waste receptacle, which will then keep waste and odors contained until it is time to replace it.

Use Only Hard Clumping Litter

Step 1

Begin by preparing the waste receptacle. Place the receptacle underneath the compartment cover in the space provided. Make sure that the front edge is under the 5 tabs on the front edge of the litter tray.

Attach the waste receptacle lid by inserting the PUSH tabs into the round holes on the compartment cover. Secure the lid by slipping the edges under the tabs on the waste receptacle compartment cover.

Step 2

Next, finish preparing the waste receptacle by removing the carbon filter from the plastic sleeve and peeling off the paper strip to expose the adhesive.

Place filter, adhesive side down, in diamond shaped insert in the center of the waste receptacle lid.

Step 3

Attach the paw cleaning ramp by snapping the two notches into the attachment posts on the top housing, directly in front of the waste receptacle compartment cover.

Tug slightly on the ramp to ensure that it is firmly in place.

Step 4

Finally, fill the litter tray so that the litter level is between the min and max fill lines on either side of the box. All clumping litters are safe to use with this box!

Use the scoop to evenly distribute litter in the litter tray.

CAUTION: Not intended for use with kittens or cats less than 6 months or weighing less than 5 lbs. If your kitten or cat is under 6 months of age, leave the unit UNPLUGGED and scoop waste until the kitten or cat is 6 months old.